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Burner Management Control Systems

Principal Technology offers pre-engineered Burner Management Systems for process heaters and furnaces designed to ensure a safe, orderly operating sequence in the startup and shutdown of fuel fired equipment. Based on our years of experience designing and installing custom burner systems, we have incorporated the features most customers demand into pre-engineered systems that deliver the benefits Natural Gas processors, petroleum refiners and petrochemical plants expect in less time.

Principal Technology’s pre-engineered Burner Management Systems provide automatic actuation of the main fuel and pilot fuel headers, and individual burner light-off and shutdown sequences for multiple burner heaters enabling the unit to run with one or more burners out of service.

Other features of the systems are safety interlocks for pre-purge, flame detection, low/high gas pressure, high process temperature, high stack temperature, local and remote shutdown, as well as ignition transformers and flame rods.

The Burner Management PLC panel includes the following:

  • Single or multiple burner configurations
  • Outdoor weather–resistant panel containing PLC and flame safeguard electronic equipment
  • Operator Interface with graphical status indication that can be viewed in direct sunlight
  • Flame Scanners with flame supervision and flame intensity trending
  • Ability to enable/disable individual burners (in multiple burner systems)
  • Active and Historical Alarm indication

Optional features include a Fuel Skid with main fuel and pilot shutoff safety valves, pilot regulator and instrumentation. Also available is a Fuel Process Control System with automatic control of the main fuel flow control valve to provide more reliable light-off of burners by regulating header pressure, including low-fire mode.

All pre-engineered Burner Management Systems meet applicable NFPA 86 Standards for Ovens and Furnaces or NFPA 87 Recommenced Practice for Fluid Heaters and all systems are functionally tested prior to shipment.