Principal Technology sulfur recovery units pre-engineered SRU
CEFCO Technology License

Principal Technology holds the United States license for the application of the CEFCO Process — Sulfur Recovery System (CEFCO SRS) for the Natural Gas, petroleum refining and petrochemical industries. The CEFCO SRS process for sulfur recovery, tail gas treating, and gas sweetening is a ground-breaking technique that selectively captures sulfur in sour gases and converts it to potassium sulfite and sulfate fertilizers.

The relatively compact size of the CEFCO equipment and the extremely high sulfur conversion efficiencies of the CEFCO process make this an important new option for sulfur recovery. CEFCO SRS has the potential to greatly improve traditional sulfur recovery technology and provide Principal Technology customers with flexibility in their operations and choices for sulfur emissions control.

CEFCO Global Clean Energy, LLC is a Dallas-based technology development company that specializes in carbon capture and all-pollutants capture using energy-efficient and cost-saving technologies for comprehensive compliance with governmental regulations of air emissions.