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Combustion Gas Detection System

Principal Technology’s pre-engineered Gas Detection Systems are important safety devices for any gas processing, petroleum or petrochemical refinery operation. Recommended for use on process heaters with natural draft ventilation, our Gas Detection Systems draw a furnace gas sample from the process heater flue to check for combustible Methane gas prior to burner ignition. The system uses a methane analyzer to verify that the flue gas sample is free of flammable gas mixtures and reduces start-up time compared with using the natural draft purge method.

Gas Detection Systems are suggested, in accordance with NFPA 87 Recommended Practice for Fluid Heaters (2011 Edition). Principal Technology’s pre-engineered systems include an automatic periodic bump test and semi-automatic sensor calibration as well as alarms for high Methane LEL% and low sample flow. Our systems are also integrated with the Burner Management System for process heaters safety interlocks.

Download the Combustible Gas Detection System Data Sheet