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Modular Process Control Buildings

Modular process control buildings from Principal Technology Inc. are a flexible solution for providing process automation and control as well as power distribution to remote industrial sites or oil and gas processing facilities.

Our modular E-Buildings protect expensive control equipment from theft or vandalism as well as the deteriorating effects of the weather while providing a shelter for operators and maintenance staff.

These buildings are also an excellent means to add control room capabilities to processing facilities where existing climate controlled space is minimal or where on-site construction might be disruptive or even dangerous.

Principal Technology Modular E-buildings:

  • Range from 10 to 13 feet wide, 10 feet high and up to 30 feet long or more
  • Can be combined to create larger control rooms and accommodate more equipment
  • Are available in multiple configurations
  • Include all the required equipment in place
  • Are manufactured in a modern factory environment under the highest quality standards
  • Are fully tested in the factory
  • Ship “plug-and-play” ready to the installation site
  • Are fully operational after placement and connection to power and field instruments

Modularization provides virtually endless possibilities for control room configuration, size and future expansion while taking advantage of modern factory-based manufacturing processes.

Standard Features:

  • Constructed of 2", 4" or 6" pre-insulated modular wall and roof panels
  • Durable construction to withstand the harshest environments
  • HVAC systems to maintain optimal temperatures
  • Built-in UPS backup systems

Available Features:

  • Humidity control and dust mitigation
  • Purging and pressurization for installation in hazardous areas
  • Self-contained power generators for remote installations
  • Cellular booster antennas and wireless networking for off-site monitoring and trouble-shooting
  • Control station with operator interface terminal

Download the Modular Process Control Buildings Data Sheet