Principal Technology customers PLC DCS machine interface development, fabrication testing logic control
Process Control Panels

Principal Technology Engineering’s System Integration Group provides design-build and build-to-print industrial control systems; system configuration, programming and function testing; and streamlined material control services for the industrial fabrication industry.

Our System Integration Group can start from a back-of-the-napkin sketch, a fully detailed set of customer prints, or anything in-between. Regardless of the level of detail provided with your purchase order, Principal Technology’s System Integration Group will deliver a first quality, function tested, completed system and a detailed documentation package developed to meet the end-user’s needs.

Principal Technology System Integration Group’s portfolio includes:

  • Design, fabrication, configuration, logic development and testing of PLC and Hybrid control and operator interface systems
  • Continuous and batch process control systems
  • Burner management systems
  • Chemical injection systems

We have developed systems using hardware from the major industry manufacturers including:

  • Allen Bradley PLC5, SLC, and Logix controllers
  • Triconex
  • Modicon PLC’s
  • Foxboro IA
  • Fisher Delta V

Material Control and Packaging Solutions

Our material control portfolio includes valve, instrumentation and bulk material consolidation and re-packaging by process unit, module, or skid package; and electrical conduit kits packaged by unit and system.

Principal Technology instrument and electrical kits and material control packages efficiently move procurement, receiving, inspection, quality control, sorting, and storage out of the field until your fabrication and construction crew is ready to install it.