Principal Technology sulfur recovery units pre-engineered SRU
Sulfur Recovery

Principal Technology’s design professionals and system integration group have special expertise in the design, fabrication, and integration of control systems for Sulfur Recovery, Tail Gas Treating, Amine Treating, Sour Water Stripping, and Incineration units.

Our Sulfur Recovery portfolio includes:

  • Modified Claus SRU
  • Cold Bed Absorption (CBA) SRU
  • Selective Oxidation SRU
  • Tail Gas Treating
  • Liquid Sulfur Degassing
  • Oxygen Enrichment

In addition, Principal Technologies provides component parts and controls for sulfur recovery systems, including:

  • SRU Combustion Air Controls
  • Thermal Reactor Front/Rear Split Temperature Control
  • Electric, Hot Oil, Steam, and Indirect Fired SRU Reheater Control
  • TGU Hydrogenation Reactor and Reducing Gas Generator Controls
  • Oxygen Enrichment and Injection
  • Pilot Ignition and Burner Management Systems
  • Dual Wavelength Flame Detection
  • Infrared Pyrometry Temperature Monitoring
  • Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) and Oxygen Monitoring Systems

Principal Technology provides total engineering, procurement and construction services to deliver sulfur recovery units in any capacity up to 500 LTPD and larger. Principal Technology’s SRUs apply industry best practices combined with exclusive features to meet each client’s exacting sulfur recovery requirements. With decades of experience completing successful installations, Principal Technology provides industry best-in-class equipment while our proprietary designs deliver the highest reliability and operability available in the market today.

In addition to providing the best available sulfur recovery equipment, Principal Technology units include superior application and utilization of analyzers, instrumentation, and control schemes to enhance recovery and operability.

Small Capacity Expertise

Increasingly stringent state and federal environmental regulations have raised demand for smaller SRUs in a broader range of process plants. Principal Technology specializes in the turn-key modular units from 2-50 LTPD, affording us unique experience and capabilities to address specific issues of small capacity sulfur recovery, including:

  • Heat Conservation / Temperature Management
  • Equipment Sizing to maintain optimum process efficiency without sacrificing equipment operation and maintenance access
  • Equipment Design to meet the specific needs of small capacity operations

We apply the technology that is the best solution for your operation, capacity, and the amount of sulfur generated and offer systems with high turndown ratios that can accommodate fluctuations in feeds for more flexible operation. Whatever the solution, Principal Technology scales the SRU equipment to meet the capacity demands of any refinery or Natural Gas plant while retaining operator access to all components for successful operation and easy maintenance.

Download the Small Capacity SRU Data Sheet