Principal Technology sulfur recovery units pre-engineered SRU
SRU Tail Gas Valve

Principal Technology Tail Gas Diverter Valve Systems provide exceptionally reliable automatic operation in the demanding and critical service of SRU tail gas. Based on a proprietary design, our system provides continuous monitoring of critical temperatures and positioning to assure that each valve travels to the appropriate position when required. Features of our tail gas valve systems include temperature maintenance with imbedded monitoring, integral steam jackets, specially sized actuators, and shaft, bearing and seat protection. Principal Technology’s Tail Gas Diverter Valve and Valve Systems are also available with customized configurations to support individual unit requirements including:

  • Partial stroke testing to support ISA S84 Safety Integrity Level Initiatives*
  • Manual and automatic partial stroke testing configurations
  • Double blocked and automatically purged systems to minimize H2S bypass and stack SO2 emissions during stroke testing or limited valve seat damage
  • Exclusive Integral Temperature Sensors from Principal Technology for continuous valve monitoring
  • Multiple body styles to simplify retrofit installations of existing valves

*When installed in a properly designed shutdown system.

Download the Tail Gas Valves Data Sheet