Principal Technology sulfur recovery units pre-engineered SRU
Sulfur Recovery Equipment

Principal Technology designs Pre-Engineered Sulfur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating Unit equipment to provide on-demand superior performance in molten sulfur, acid gas, and tail gas services. Our products include:

Combustion Systems

Principal Technology’s Claus SRU burners provide excellent mixing, thermal management, low vibration and broad turn-down performance. Our burners are amine acid gas and sour water stripper gas capable. When coupled with a properly designed thermal reactor and process controls the Principal Technology SRU Burner ensures proper Claus stoichiometry including complete ammonia destruction.

Tail Gas Diverter Valve Systems

Principal Technology designs Tail Gas Diverter Valve Systems specifically for SRU tail gas service providing exceptional reliability, fully automatic operation, and exclusive bearing / shaft temperature monitoring. Our Tail Gas Valve systems include partial stroke testing capabilities to support ISA S84 Safety Integrity Level initiatives when installed in a properly designed shutdown system.

Electric SRU Reheat Systems

Principal Technology’s Electric SRU Reheat Systems provide cost effective performance for small capacity Sulfur Recovery Units without the added expense and operating complexity of indirect gas fired, steam or hot oil utility systems. Our Electric Reheat Systems include alloy heating elements, cascade sheath temperature control and over-temperature safety interlocks to optimize performance and maximize mechanical integrity.

Entrained Sulfur Separation

Principal Technology’s Entrained Sulfur Removal Elements (ESREs) reduce sulfur carryover from sulfur condensing equipment and effluent gasses. Removing entrained liquid sulfur from these streams increases the recovery efficiency of traditional Claus Sulfur Recovery Units, reduces the hydrogenation reactor load in the Tail Gas Unit (TGU), and reduces incinerator / thermal oxidizer stack SO2 caused by sulfur carry over.

Nozzle Purge Systems

Pre-Engineered SRU Purge Systems from Principal Technology maintain the necessary nozzle sweep gas velocities to keep SRU sight ports, instrument nozzles, and pilot assemblies clean of sulfur and acid gas deposits and cool in the harsh SRU environment. When operating conditions permit, our Purge Systems automatically switch from nitrogen gas purge to air purge to reduce the plant nitrogen consumption and improve SRU performance.

Other Principal Technology specialty equipment designed for Sulfur Recovery Units include:

  • Burner Management Systems
  • Pilot Ignition Systems
  • SRU Nitrogen / Air Purge Panels
  • Gas Detection Systems
  • SRU Safety Shutdown Systems