Principal Technology sulfur recovery units pre-engineered SRU
Sulfur Recovery Unit

Principal Technology has applied its special expertise in the design and fabrication of Sulfur Recovery Units to produce several pre-engineered SRU designs scalable to range of refinery sizes. Like all our SRUs, these come with exclusive features to meet each client’s exacting sulfur recovery requirements. Principal Technology provides industry best-in-class equipment while our proprietary designs deliver the highest reliability and operability available in the market today.

Our pre-engineered modularized SRUs provide all the industry-leading benefits of our standard products, but are built and tested prior to final assembly in the field, saving time and minimizing disruption at your facility. Principal Technology has even created some of the most advanced small-capacity SRUs using our pre-engineered designs, providing exceptional sulfur control to small process units affordably and with less down-time at your facility.