Principal Technology sulfur recovery units pre-engineered SRU
Tail Gas Treatment

Tail Gas Treating is a crucial final treating process to many sulfur recovery units and Principal Technology has an array of engineered solutions to maximize the efficiency of this process.

Our Tail Gas Feed Heaters use the optimum heat source for efficient heating of the Tail Gas Reactor feed, which can be high pressure steam, hot oil or even electric for our smaller capacity units.

Principal Technology’s proprietary Tail Gas Diverter Valve System design provides continuous monitoring of critical temperatures and positioning to assure that each valve travels to the appropriate position when required. This assures the reliability of the system to divert the flow of gases to the tail gas unit or to the incinerator, a critical function in a sulfur recovery process.

Our Tail Gas Analyzer Systems meet industry standard specifications to provide superior monitoring and feedback for critical control parameters. Principal Technology analyzers are proven in the sulfur industry to be reliable and are easily maintained to provide maximum online service.