Optimum Safety Integration

Any petroleum and petrochemical refinery operation relies on gas detection systems for safe operation. Designed in accordance with NFPA 87 - Recommended Practice for Fluid Heaters (2011 Edition).

Automatic Pre-Ignition Flue Gas Analysis

Interlocked with your Burner Management System, the system analyzes heater flue gas for methane before ignition. This ensures the flue gas is free of flammable gas mixtures.

Safety is a vital aspect of chemical, petrochemical and petroleum refinery operations. The human and economic costs associated with safety incidents in such operations can be devastating. We have developed our Gas Detection Systems with reliability and ease of integration at the forefront of their operational capability. Their simple but efficient workflow ensures process flue gas is clear of flammable gases.

Any gas detection higher than the set LEL% for methane triggers an alarm and inhibits burner ignition sequence. The burners are on lockout until a clear reading is obtained and human intervention clears the alarm condition.

High-Flow Rapid Sample System

Reduces Start-Up Time. Our typical combustion gas detection cycle only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Pre-Engineered Systems

Available as a pre-built system which drastically reduces the design-testing-operational cycle and associated delays.

Semi-Automated Sensor Calibration

Automatic sensor calibration ensures analyzer readings are accurate and eliminates false alarms and triggers.

Oxygen Sampling for Burner Efficiency

Improves heater fuel efficiency by monitoring and initiating air inlet damper positioning to ensure optimum stack oxygen levels.

Save time and cost with one of our pre-engineered Combustion Gas Detection Systems