Complete System Solutions and Services for Energy, Power and Industrial Sectors

We offer a special combination of high value engineering and design services with practical design-build capabilities to provide our customers with complete project integration. From three core offerings, Principal Technology has the solution to fit any company's needs.

Project support throughout the entire project lifecycle, from the design stage to final completion and handover.

Whatever the size of your project, you can trust Principal Technology to deliver.

Multi-Sector Disciplines

Our extensive portfolio of projects include:      

  • Sulfur Recovery
  • Sour Gas Treatment
  • SRU design, fabrication and installation
  • H2S Removal and Prototype
  • Proof of Concept Systems

Process Solutions

Sulfur Recovery, Amine and Sour Water Treating

We have the engineering, procurement and construction capability to deliver acid gas removal and sulfur recovery units in any capacity.

Incineration and Flare Systems

Our SRU Incinerators effectively complete the sulfur oxidation process for your plant to meet state and federal regulations for environmental quality.

Storage and Separation Systems

Whatever the fluids, we apply the technology that is the best solution for your operational needs.

Water Treatment and Handling

To assist you with your treatment needs, Principal Technology can provide you with solutions for your grass roots project or existing plant needs.

Selective Catalytic Reduction Reagent Storage, Handling, and Vaporization

We have the engineering, design and procurement capability to assist you in your equipment needs.

Metering and Custody Transfer

The LACT unit is the critical system in measuring the volume of produced water, crude oil and other petroleum products being transferred from the production site to trucks, pipeline or storage tanks.


We have the talent to provide consulting, design,  pilot fabrication, and testing services for proof of concept, pilot plant and prototype systems.

Integration Solutions

Process Automation Systems

Whether you seek support for an obsolete system or brand new installation, we can help.

Motor Control Centers and Heater Power Panels

Whether you require a Custom Design PLC control system or a Build-to-Print control panel, we can assist you in solving your needs.

Skid Fabrication

We have over 20 years of experience designing, fabricating and installing skid packages for clients in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing (General Industrial) and Petrochemical sectors.

Modular Buildings

We design, fabricate, kit-out and deliver walk-in enclosures engineered to protect critical electrical and control equipment and suitable for installation in remote locations.

Reduce Costs with our
Pre-Engineered Products

Principal Technology, Inc. provides complete solutions for energy, manufacturing and industrial processes. From three core offerings, we have the solution to fit any company’s needs.

Services & Consulting

Engineering & Design

Design, operations reviews, virtual plant walk-throughs, and support through fabrication and construction.


We cover every aspect of a process facility from design through construction, to commissioning, and during operations.


From prototype to pilot plant design and fabrication to patent support, our design team has decades of experience.

Project Management

Process and engineering project management services for petrochemical and chemical projects.

Operations Support

Let us help you improve your plant’s performance, safety and productivity with our bespoke procedures.


Covering key topics such as process hazards, unit operating principals, and real world troubleshooting challenges.

Rely on our Years of Experience

For over 20 years we have been providing solutions to some of industry’s most challenging engineering and process problems. Today we call upon this experience to develop the innovative processes and equipment to solve your company’s operational challenges.

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