Modular Buildings 

We design, fabricate, fit out and deliver walk-in enclosures engineered to protect critical electrical and control equipment and suitable for installation in remote locations.

Reduce Overall Site Work Costs

Onsite fabrication requires more time and resources (manpower and equipment) deployed to your site for the duration of the construction phase. Our e-houses are fabricated and assembled in-house, then delivered as complete units, ready to install. This reduces site work and overall project costs, saving you money.

Accelerate Project Completion Rates

Deliver capital projects in a fraction of the time and cost by choosing our specially engineered e-houses. Compress project completion rates because fabrication and fit out can take place alongside any site construction work. This means the overall project requires less time as compared to conventional construction.

Customizable Layout

Whether you operate in the Oil & Gas or General Industrial sector, we have the design capability and fabrication ability to design a custom solution for your needs. We serve clients with a broad range of requirements, from the physical size of the e-house to the equipment specification.

Flexible Control Room Capability

When one of our clients in the Oil and Gas industry was looking to expand the control capability at one of their remote sites, they needed a solution that was quick to deploy and economical. We proposed a custom e-house solution which offered the flexibility for the intended use while providing the environmental protection for the equipment in a harsh operational environment.

Find Out What Some Of Our Clients Think About Our E-Houses

Over the last few years we’ve delivered dozens of e-houses to clients in different markets and sectors. Find out what they think about the benefits our e-houses have delivered to their operations.

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