Skid Package Fabrication

We have over 20 years experience designing, fabricating and installing skid packages for clients in the Oil & Gas, Manufacturing (General Industrial) and Petrochemical sectors.

Modular Pump Skids

Modular or pre-packaged systems provide a cost effective solution when compared to site-built units. These packages are factory built and tested in-house before delivery on a packaged skid for plug and play installation. Bring us your ideas or specifications and our in-house mechanical and electrical engineers will help you find the best solution for your project. We have years of experience creating custom packages that are fully automated with PLC and touch-screen controls.

Water Filtration Systems

Pre-engineered and modularized to support quick installation and maintenance. Each unit is built and function tested prior to transporting and installation at our clients’ site.

LACT Systems

The Lease Automatic Custody Transfer (LACT) unit is the critical system in custody transfer for produced water, crude oil and other petroleum products from production to trucks, pipeline or storage tanks. An accurate measurement is essential in today's market whether that be for custody transfer, allocation, or process control.

Pre-Fabricated Piping Systems

Shop pre-fabrication of spools is a proven means of reducing field installation costs while providing the highest quality in the products fabricated. Pipe spools are often flanged to facilitate the connection to other spools. Principal Technology's certified welders work under a defined set of quality management criteria to ensure the accuracy of fabrication in order to achieve the required technical parameters defined by our clients.

Looking For Affordability With Less Production Down-time At Your Facility?

One of the biggest benefits of our modularized, skid mounted fabricated products is how fast we can design and build them. Working off standard designs or custom designs to meet your processing facility specifications, we’re often 50% to 75% quicker than onsite construction.

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