Burner Management Control Systems

Our pre-engineered BMCS solutions are designed to ensure a safe and orderly operation in the startup and shutdown of fuel fired burners. By integrating hard wired burner safeguards with modern PLC's our BMS system improves system operation, heater on-line availability, supervisory control and operator awareness. Designed in accordance with the latest NFPA requirements our BMS packages are used in such applications as Process Heaters & Boilers, Incineration, SRU Recovery, Amine and Glycol Reboilers.

Ready for Integration

Control Systems are designed ready to integrate with existing Natural Gas processing, petroleum refinery and petrochemical plants with minimum disruption.

Built from Experience

Built with over two decades of experience designing and installing custom burner systems, Principal Technology implements all the lessons we have learned to deliver the most advanced BMS to suit your unique process configuration.

Engineered to Satisfaction

Our pre-engineered Burner Management Systems provide automatic actuation of the burner fuel source to ensure a dynamic response to system heat demand. Seamless monitoring of burner pilot light status ensure a rapid response to potential system faults, minimizing system failure.

Supports multiple burner configurations providing for redundancy burners, allowing the heater unit to run with one or more burners out of service.

Multiple Burner Sequencing

Control and sequence multiple burners for equal duty and to allow for routine maintenance and servicing without the need to turn off the combustion system or process. Select the duty burner manually or let the system automatically sequence the burners to a predetermined time interval.

Single or multiple burner configurations

Whatever the configuration of your burner systems, our BMS can support single or multiple burners and is easily customizable to what ever is needed.

Easy to Use Interface

Carefully designed and organized operator interface to provide intuitive operator control. This minimizes operator errors and presents plant status in an easy to understand format.

Outdoor Ready

Outdoor weather–resistant panel containing PLC and flame safeguard electronic equipment suitable for installation in harsh environmental conditions.

Standards Compliant

Designed to meet operational and safety standards. Fully compliant with all applicable NFPA 86 Standards for Ovens and Furnaces as well as NFPA 87 - Recommended Practice for Fluid Heaters.

Alarm Indication

Improves supervisory control, operator awareness and process safety by providing visual and audible alarm indication when operational parameters stray from process setpoints. Includes active and historical alarm indication for operational and auditing purposes.

Fully Tested

All systems are functionally tested prior to shipment and commissioned once installed on site to ensure they operate within the design parameters.

Save time and cost with one of our pre-engineered Burner Management Control Systems