Modular Process Control Buildings

The ability to bring a modern control room environment, rather than merely installing an outdoor control enclosure or site-built structure, to a processing site makes E-buildings from Principal Technology an excellent choice. The modular structures protect expensive control equipment from theft or vandalism as well as the deteriorating effects of the weather while providing a shelter for operators and maintenance
staff. Large E-buildings are a cost effective method to add control room capacity to an existing processing plant with limited space or where onsite construction might be disruptive or hazardous.

Smart, Modular and Robust Control Centers for Remote Processing Locations

Want to add remote process control capabilities to your processing site without the costly and disruptive aspects of traditional construction processes?

Our Modular Process Control Buildings are designed, constructed and fitted-out in-house. We then transport the completed building to your location for placement and connection to power and your field instrumentation. We can even supply them with a self-contained generator for building power needs, and HVAC systems for optimal equipment operating conditions.

Weather-tested, proven, and robust construction make these the ideal housing for expensive and critical process control equipment.

We use pre-insulated roof and wall panels in construction to ensure a comfortable environment for process operators. Power and control section segregation as well as fully-air conditioned personnel accommodation.


Endless configuration options available with opportunities for future expansion as operational needs arise.


Factory-built to your design specification and the layout allows for flexibility of use from MCC to variable speed drives rooms.


Comes fully equipped with all the hardware requirements for your specific processes. Ready to install and connect to services (air, power & water) and your field equipment.

Multiple configuration options

You can have your modular process control building as large or as small as you require. They come with all the equipment necessary, as specified by you.

Design, build, install project lifecycle

We are your single port of call. Tell us what you need and we can design, build, install and commission. You can provide any specialized control equipment or we can source and procure to deliver a complete package.

Save time and cost with one of our pre-engineered Burner Management Control Systems