Principal Technology Inc., a provider of total system solutions for natural gas, refining, chemical, process and manufacturing facilities, offers modern burner management systems (BMS) specifically designed for the retrofit of legacy boilers, ovens, furnaces, and other fired equipment used in the process industry. Based on a modular platform, Principal’s BMS meets all applicable modern standards for safe burner management and operations and can be installed in up to half the time of a standard BMS retrofit.

Basic BMS modules offered by Principal Technology include burner safeguards, single burner ignition, multiple burner ignition sequencing, flame detection and optional pre-ignition combustible gas detection and process control. Additional modules are available to convert legacy natural draft systems to forced draft and add combustion control to improve reliability and operational efficiency.

“Principal Technology designed its modular BMS to provide three important benefits: safety, regulatory compliance and operability unique to Process Heaters,” said Matthew S. Hodson, P.E., president and CEO of Principal Technology. With the ability to integrate hard-wired burner safeguards with modern PLC or Automation Systems for supervisory control the Principal Technology BMS improves system operation, heater on-line availability, and operator awareness.”

Principal Technology uses its modularization expertise and applies it to engineered systems in the retrofit equipment market. With the modular approach, Principal Technology can retrofit legacy equipment with one to 12 burners (or more) with existing fully manual or partially automated systems. Having standardized the BMS into modular blocks, Principal Technology can adapt the components to create a unique BMS to meet the needs of any processing facility and complete installation and testing 30 to 50 percent faster than a standard engineered retrofit.

“A traditional engineering approach to a BMS retrofit often involves creating a completely new system specifically designed for a particular application from the ground up,” said Hodson. “Principal Technology’s modular approach creates a custom BMS by applying particular modules to the application as needed. The result is a BMS tailored to the customer’s exact needs but delivered more quickly because the component pieces are pre-engineered.”

About Principal Technology, Inc.
Principal Technology, Inc., located in Plano, Texas, is an established business serving the energy industry and manufacturing markets. The business units of PTI specialize in providing Sulfur Recovery and Environmental Systems, related Specialty Equipment, Modular Process Units, Engineering, Design, and Fabrication Services, and Control System Integration. Through its core competencies in the mechanical, instrument, electrical, process, and control system disciplines, PTI provides a special combination of high value engineering and design services with practical design-build capabilities to provide our customers with complete project integration.
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