Sulfur Recovery, Amine and Sour Water Treating

We have the engineering, procurement and construction capability to deliver acid gas removal and sulfur recovery units in any capacity.

Sulfur Recovery

Sulfur is the fifth most common element by mass on Earth. If something comes out of the ground, it probably has sulfur in it.

Principal Technology has over two decades direct experience, and over 40 years legacy experience in designing and building systems to remove and recover sulfur from process streams applying a wide spectrum of technologies.

Our Sulfur Recovery and Tail Gas Treating Unit portfolio includes turnkey EPC, revamp, or design of SRU's ranging from 2 LTPD to multi-trained 1000+ LTPD facilities.

Small Capacity Expertise

Increasingly stringent state and federal environmental regulations have raised demand for smaller SRUs in a broader range of process plants. Principal Technology specializes in the turn-key modular units from under 2 to 50 LTPD, affording us unique experience and capabilities to address specific issues of small capacity sulfur recovery, including Heat Conservation, Temperature Management, and Equipment Design to meet the specific needs of small capacity operations while reducing overall cost.

Amine Treating and Recovery

Our knowledge and experience with various types of amine in different applications allows us to select the proper amine, strength, and circulation rate to provide optimum equipment design and cost for your application.

Sour Water Stripping

From direct steam injection to reboiler units with pump-around condensing, Principal Technology has the knowledge and experience to provide the right solution for your application. Principal Technology can also reduce utilities and capital cost while meeting the required stripped water composition.

Tail Gas Treating

Tail Gas Treating is a crucial final process to many Sulfur Recovery Units and Principal Technology has an array of engineered solutions and technology partners.

Sulfur Recovery Equipment

Proper design and fabrication of sulfur processing and handling equipment takes special experience and know-how. Principal Technology provides individual specialty component equipment and controls for sulfur recovery systems.

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