SRU Burners 

Our proprietary Sulfur Recovery Burners are ideal for new, retrofit or replacement projects. They enhance mixing, extend burner life, provide thermal radiation control and extend the broad operating range for high turndowns. 
The optimized gas jet provides inherent capability to operate across a wide range of varying acid gas rates and compositions.

All Principal Technology SRU burners are implemented as a system with attention to function and installation of the pilot, flame scanners, sight port, nozzle purges and safety shutdown system.

Efficient Mixing

Better mixing of air and acid gas via the introduction of an axial air flow path leads to better combustion. This axial air flow provides angular momentum to enhance mixing with focused jets to introduce three dimensional mixing as gas enters the furnace thereby increasing combustion yields at higher furnace temperatures.

Wide Eye™ Site Port

Design techniques to provide the maximum viewing area inside the burner and furnance refractory. A 26% increase over smaller sight ports.

Thermal Maintenance

Burner tiles and radiation shield retain the heat inside the furnace by minimizing the radiation heat flux.

Improved Purge Performance

Keeps Flame Scanners and Sight Port clean for easy viewing.

Save time and cost with a Principal Technology engineered SRU Burner Solution.