Proven Proprietary Valve Design

Tail gas valve systems are a critical component of a sulfur recovery unit. Solid sulfur formation inside switching valves is a perennial challenge for process operations. Continuous positioning and temperature monitoring ensure your operators know what is happening with the valve at every moment.  

You will benefit from the proprietary valve design which features a fully-jacketed valve body, shaft, disc and seal. This design ensures liquid sulfur does not solidify around the valve seal or bearings affecting operation.

Partial Stroke Testing

Automated or manual partial stroke testing allows for regular functional testing increasing your confidence in the system.

Valve Temperature Monitoring

Alerts operations to low temperature conditions that may result in sulfur freezing in the valve body. Your operators know exactly when to intervene if temperature goes out of specifications.

Compliant With Standards

Compliance with ANSI/ISAS84 Safety Instrumented System standards gives you peace of mind. Your staff and asset protection is at the forefront of the design.

Multiple Body Styles

To accommodate various plant piping layouts whether in new plants or in retrofit projects.


Standard valve assemblies are available in addition to the option of customizing valve sizes depending on your process requirements.

Fully Assembled and Factory Tested

Designed to meet operational and safety standards. 

Integral Temperature Sensors

Exclusive design features integrated temperature sensors located in optimal points within the valve body.

Save time and cost with one of our pre-engineered SRU Tail Gas Valve Systems