Process Solutions for the Industrial Sector

At Principal Technology, we provide innovative products and services that add value to our customers through improved reliability, safety, and performance. Companies have long sought better approaches to material processing. We can assist you with increasing production efficiencies thus reducing waste, improving quality, and saving both time and energy.

With our engineering depth we bring expertise in water treatment and liquid handling, controls and automation as well as skid fabrication.

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Batch and Continuous Process Systems

Principal Technology's expertise in Process Automation for Batch or Continuous control as well as Safety Systems provides the critical element for industrial processes to operate safely, efficiently and at optimum production.

Utilities and Support Systems

Our multi-discipline engineering core competency drives our project designs to support a variety of industrial and manufacturing processes. The safe and efficient production and application of utility and production support streams can be a significant driver for capital expenditures and operating budgets. Whether steam, hot oil, nitrogen, air, specialty gasses, cooling water, vacuum , electric, or communication sub-systems, Principal Technology has the experience to optimize your design.

Minimum Disruption 

We pride ourselves in our capability to deliver optimally designed systems, whatever the capacity of your production facility. Our systems are designed, constructed and installed to result in minimal disruption to operations at every stage of the project, including during operation.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Our engineered systems are designed to be low maintenance which enable longer uptime and reliability. From large sites to modular compact units we make all system components easily accessible for maintenance saving your staff time and labor cost.

Innovative Design Support 

From proof of concept, pilot plant, or process revamps, Principal Technology provides multi-discpline engineering design and support to help you achieve your goals.

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