Process Solutions for the Power Sector

A major component within today's Power Generation Market is Air Quality Control Systems (AQCS). As a full service provider, we design and manufacture ammonia supply systems for the Selective Catalytic Reduction Process.

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From Ammonia handling systems to Vaporization, we have the experience to design, construct and deliver custom solutions for you.

Air Quality Control Systems 

Principal Technology’s Ammonia Unloading, Storage, Forwarding & Vaporization Systems are designed to provide ammonia (anhydrous or aqueous) reactant to a Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) unit for removal of NOx from flue gas. Ammonia is delivered by truck or railcar and unloaded into storage tanks. The ammonia is forwarded to the Ammonia Flow Control Unit (AFCU) which generates ammonia gas for injection into the flue gas upstream of the SCR.

Design, Procurement
and Fabrication 

We have the ability to design, procure and fabricate equipment to meet your specific project needs.

Process Consulting Services 

Whether  new plant construction or seeking efficiency improvements in existing processes, you can rely on us to offer technical expertise to realize your goals.

Operability and Maintainability 

With experience, we have perfected our design and installation processes to ensure the solutions we offer are simple to operate and easy to maintain. Our design approach minimizes repair and maintenance turnaround, reducing costly downtime and loss of production.

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