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Our licensed Process, Mechanical, I&E engineers and design staff specialize in supporting clients with industrial & process asset management services. We cover every aspect of the process facility development from design, construction, and commissioning. 

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Performance and Capacity Studies

Realizing the optimum output from aging assets can be a challenge. Determining optimum performance from existing equipment is the first step in process improvement, indefining feed scenarios and existing bottlenecks.  Our team has the experience and tools to assess the performance of your current process and unlock additional capacity with a goal of minimum capital expenditure.

Front End Engineering & Design

Our clients depend on Principal Technology to completely define every aspect of capital project requirements prior to applying for capital assignment.  We have provided FEED services to major clients in the manufacturing, petrochemical and oil & gas sectors so we have the experience to prepare capital bid packages to facilitate project completion.

Operator Training & Program Development

Operator training is an essential aspect of safe process operations. Our training program development offering provides comprehensive training for operators and maintenance engineering staff. Each training program is unique and customized to your specific process operations.

Permitting Assistance

Navigating the complex landscape of environmental permitting is a challenge for many of our clients. We offer support in permitting applications, renewal, and compliance. Permitting questions usually go beyond the time that operations personnel want to spend. Whether you’re considering a greenfield development or increasing the capacity of an existing plant, Principal Technology can help determine potential permitting impacts.

Environmental Incident Risk Evaluation

We deliver guidance on environmental risk for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical industries. Our advice helps our clients to minimize negative environmental impact while ensuring your operations comply with all the relevant environmental regulatory requirements.

Process Safety Management (PSM) Support

The chemical & petrochemical industries are inherently risky industries. Safe processes and safety systems ensure your employees and assets are protected. Our team has experience performing PSM audits, supporting clients with PHA/HAZOP/HAZID studies and quantitative risk assessments. We are also instrumental in authoring and periodically reviewing disaster & evacuation plans for large process operators to ensure the plans are up to date and effective.

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