Taking Specs from Concept to Final Design

Our goal is to provide our clients with a complete single source solution. Principal Technology's engineering and design capabilities encompass a broad range of technical disciplines. With Full staff of experienced engineers and designers, we can start anywhere in the process of design and take it to completion.

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Accurate Process Simulation & Design

Principal Technology can design and optimize your process with powerful and versatile simulation software used by engineering and operating companies worldwide.  Principal Technology will tailor the design package to meet your requirements and budget from a simple report to a comprehensive process package with Process Flow Diagrams, Heat and Material Balances, Utility Flow Diagrams, Utility Balances, Equipment Datasheets, and Equipment Outline drawings.

Detailed Design For Modular Systems

Whatever the industry, Principal Technology's experience with modular fabrication will reduce project cost through increased efficiency and minimize construction and integration time in the field. 

Pinpoint Accuracy Design

Getting the design right is half the construction battle. Process simulation, pipe stress analysis, finite element static stress analysis (FEA), computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and specialized studies allow for pinpoint accuracy design.

3D Modeling & Design

Our design group is ready to create detailed 3D models for you, including equipment, piping, instrumentation, electrical, civil and structural components.  We use these models through the project’s lifecycle for design, operations and maintenance reviews, virtual plant walk-throughs, and to support fabrication and construction.

Complete Project Lifecycle Capability

Whatever the scope of your project, our in-house teams have the expertise and capability to deliver conceptual designs through to construction-ready designs.

More than just Modeling

Modeling without experience and judgment can be risky.  Principal Technology's engineers have the process and operational experience to insure the proper results are achieved.

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