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We help clients to improve process system performance, extend the working life of your engineering assets, minimize production downtime while adhering to high operator safety standards.

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Supporting Safe & Profitable Process Operations

We use our extensive process experience to develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to ensure your process operations are uniform across all shifts. SOPs promote accuracy and consistency of plant operations during start-up, changeovers and in emergency situations.

Reduced Downtime with Troubleshooting Guides

Every minute your process stops it’s eating into your revenue and profitability. We support operators by developing extensive troubleshooting guides to help eliminate lengthy breakdowns. Reducing the plant downtime resulting in increased process efficiency, productivity and maximum return on investment.

Detailed Operations and Maintenance Training

Detailed operations and maintenance training manuals provide both operators and maintenance engineers an understanding  of the process and equipment.

Operators with a firm understanding of the major components, interlocks & controls, and overall equipment will help ensure plant productivity.

Improve Process & Operator Safety with LOTO

Let us help you improve your plant’s performance, safety and productivity with our bespoke lockout-tagout (LOTO) procedures. We work with you to develop procedures to improve personnel safety and reduce the time to put equipment in safe condition for maintenance, cleaning and changeovers.

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