In-Depth Operator Training

Our training portfolio helps to empower operators with the knowledge, skill and confidence to execute their job functions effectively. From process operators to maintenance staff, we tailor the training to meet specific requirements of the process and equipment you work with.

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Comprehensive Curriculum

Ensuring your operators receive the best possible training means you empower them to not only become better operators, but better people. Our operator training services cover key topics such as process hazards, unit operating principals, and real world troubleshooting challenges

Tailored Role Specific Training

Our experience in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical and Process Industries allow us to tailor training material to meet your specific needs.

Reducing Risk Through Process Knowledge

Errors by operating personnel cost U.S. businesses millions of dollars every year. Our training ensures operating personnel are aware of the hazards inherent within the processes. Operators will be empowered with troubleshooting skills necessary to identify and rectify problems quickly and safely.

Empowering Better Decision Making

Well trained process operators make better decisions. Providing an understanding of critical operational parameters gives operators the knowledge for handling excursions and other upset conditions.

Extensive Training Portfolio

We help ensure that all operators are capable of operating equipment efficiently and safely to deliver optimum product performance.

From Sulfur Recovery Equipment to Ammonia Storage and Handling, we cover it all.

Experienced and Certified

Your operators and maintenance personnel will benefit from our decades of experience designing, installing and providing training on process equipment. The lead trainers and training developers are involved in the design of the equipment, offering a level of detail and understanding not typically available anywhere else.

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