Excellence in Engineering Since 1997

We've continually provided innovative products and services that add value to our customers through improved reliability, safety, and performance.

Our mission is to develop and maintain a broad base of satisfied clients by providing the highest quality products and services meeting each client’s needs and requirements.

Principal Technology was founded in 1997 in Dallas, Texas with the single vision of providing fundamentally sound engineering and design services for the petro-chemical industry by a staff of exceptionally qualified professionals.

We offer total system solutions for refining, chemical, process and manufacturing facilities. Our project portfolio and core expertise includes sulfur recovery, H2S removal, amine treating, sour water stripping, SRU tail gas treating, incineration, ammonia storage and handling, production units, prototype and proof-of-concept systems.

Procurement and Fabrication

Fabrication forms a core component of Principal Technology’s integrated solutions offering and underpins our capacity to deliver custom solutions to all our clients.


From Front End Engineering & Design to Process Safety Management Support, our engineers and consultants specialize in supporting clients through the entire lifecycle of process plant design.

Engineering Design and Project Management

Providing our clients with the solutions to meet the demanding challenges of operating in manufacturing, petrochemical and oil and gas space is the goal at Principal Technology. Through innovative engineering and design practise, attention to detail and commitment to excellence we will take your project from paper to commissioning.

System Integration

We design,manufacture,install and configure programmable logic control (PLC) systems and hybrid control and operator interfaces for continuous and batch process control systems. Our Burner Management and SRU Control Systems can be fully integrated into existing process units or supplied as part of packaged systems.

Specialty Equipment

Our portfolio of specialty environmental systems and equipment include SRU burners and purge panels, Tail Gas Diverter Valve Systems and ESRE (Entrained Sulfur Removal Elements). Designed to be efficient, safe, reliable and quick to install and commission,these systems are cost saving in terms of time and money.

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