Process Automation Systems 

For distributed control systems design, specification and installation, we service clients in a variety of industry sectors, from Manufacturing to Petrochemicals. Whether you seek support for an obsolete system or brand new installation, we can help.

Distributed Control Systems

Our customers come to us when they are looking for a DCS to form the backbone of their systems, they turn to us. Our understanding of control philosophies and hardware selection expertise allow us to deliver an easy to use and reliable DCS that increases process productivity and simplifies complex operations.

Process Automation

With clients in various sectors we come across a range of automation equipment from different vendors. We have developed the capability to support technology from the leading vendors in the market today. In some cases, we have gone on to develop custom software solutions to allow legacy systems to communicate with modern systems.

Safety Systems

Some of our clients have processing plants that have been in operation for over 20 years. When they come to us for a solution to an operational problem, sometimes it becomes necessary to offer a system upgrade as their current hardware and software configuration is no longer supported. We have the expertise to support legacy systems, either by interfacing with modern technology or more frequently offering a migration solution.

Batch and Continuous Process Control

At the heart of our operations is our belief in the value of modularized skid process components in saving project time and costs. DCS plays a critical role as some of our pre-engineered products have intelligent controls installed as part of the package. The skid-mounted control system needs to communicate to the wider control system once installed. Wherever the central control may be located, skid processes will integrate with it. 

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