Pre-Engineered Panels

Reduce project lead-times and costs with pre-built standard heater power panels for electric heating control systems.

Automatic Control

Our heater power panels come in standard ratings from 15 to 540 KW, providing automatic control of electric process heaters in a variety of applications. Customization options are also available depending on your project or process requirements.

Supports Circuit Redundancy

Has built-in system redundancy, improves overall reliability and reduces downtime due to faulty heater elements. Multiple heater circuits are typically limited to 48 amps for safety and to comply with NEC requirements.

Operation Status Indication

Panel-mounted LED lights provide operators with heater circuit status and allows for quick reaction to any changes.

Hazardous Area

Custom designs for hazardous area applications for your specific process requirements.

Over-temperature Protection Interlocks

A single power disconnect is provided to isolate electrical power to heaters in an emergency. Temperature sensors also safeguard against temperature overruns.

Single or Dual Panel Configuration

One power panel for a single heater circuit or two-heater system for a redundant heater setup allows for easier maintenance.

Save time and cost with one of our pre-engineered Heater Power Panels